Tank Cleaning

We can handle all hazardous, non-hazardous and Special Cargos with MDI last cargo carried in IMO-1 & IMO-5 tank containers at our Depot.


Tank Testing

We have a fully-equipped facility to undertake periodical testing i.e. 2.5 years' & 5 years' test for all IMOT-11, 14 & 20, as well as T-50 tank containers, witnessed by Class Surveyor.


Tank Repairs

We are well-equipped for undertaking medium and major repairs of ISO frames as per ITCO standards.


SS Barrel Repair

We are under process B.V. qualified welders for undertaking repairs of SS barrels as per ITCO / ASME standards.

We do care about your Tank!

Taking into consideration our experience & specialization, we hope to be able to serve you with our best ISO Tank Solution Services. We have a dedicated team of professionals having vast experience & adequate technical knowledge of ISO Tanks.We are located in Mumbai with good infrastructure & well versed equipment and provide tank cleaning, statutory testing, repairing, SS barrel repairing services.

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mission tanktechdepot

Our Mission

We will provide quick and proper service and at a competitive rates to our customers. We had suffered a lot due to lack of proper service in this sector and we dont want any other ISO tank owners to suffer the same.

We are into this to provide timely service.

Our Vision

To provide fast and reliable service to the ISO Tank Container and capture the maximum market in this sector.

Our Values

We provide timely service, standardized pricing, service satisfaction guarantee and collaborative customer relationships.

" We bestow best integrated ISO Tank Solutions to benefit our clients "

Our Clients